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Creative Toning® is one of our proprietary tools which challenges existing thinking in terms of how businesses approach creative thinking and innovation. It is based on two very powerful systems - TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) and SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking). Its framework stems from formalising invention - creating templates which have been developed through a backward analysis of more than 200,00 product innovations, inventions and patents. It is these templates that we have adapted in Creative Toning®. And through the process of simplification we have found their application has become broader and deeper. As a system it can be used across all areas of a business; it can be used in a group forum as well as on an individual basis; it can be picked up and put down whenever it suits.

Traditional idea generation tends to be about free thinking with no constraints. Anything is allowed, nothing is criticised as this is deemed to stop the flow of ideas. Essentially it is taking you down the path of least resistance. Creative Toning® takes a completely different approach and is diametrically opposite. It is about being as constrained or restricted as possible – not physically but mentally. It will take you down the path of most resistance. We need to have a robust structure to get the most power out of our minds, and ironically this pushes us to be more creative when searching for a solution. The more restrained you are the more creative the solution.

Creative Toning® is a creative thinking techniqe used to generate new, innovative ideas across the business as a whole. It is not restricted to any particular function, but can be applied whenever there are problems to be solved and when new ideas are required. This is because it largely consisits of re-arranging what we already know in order to find out what we do not know. It uses a systematic approach to help you analyse problems and find solutions that are surprising in their simplicity.

Creative Toning® will generate ideas which are not only more creative but more effective in terms of their attractiveness within the market place and their appropriateness for your business.





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