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Creative Toning® Live is about putting the theory into practice. Instinctively we all know that creativity and innovation are critical to the long term success of most businesses. Innovation means growth. But most companies still approach innovation and idea generation in the same way - most of their effort being focused on identifying new needs, understanding consumer and customer needs better and delivering products accordingly. But do these really deliver truly innovative ideas and concepts? Often we think someting is innovative because we, personally thought of it or it is what we, as individuals like the best. Truly creative ideas can sometimes be the really simple ones - the ones overlooked or the ones you wished you had thought of. Or they can be really challenging - they disrupt your mind, disrupt the status quo. Creative Toning® as a framework will ensure ideas from both ends of the spectrum are generated, captured, and digested. 

We can help you find solutions to your problems, generate new ideas for your business, your market and/or your brand. Let us know if we can help.

Or get to grips with this technique yourself and take a look at our book “Innovation - no genius required” – just click on the image below.


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