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How many ideas have we ignored in the past, how many have we skipped over, not on purpose but because of our natural instinct and relief at finding a solution to a problem - but we stop as soon as we have a solution - is that the best solution, the only solution or will it just do? Creative Toning® is more about the creative journey, exploring numerous avenues from different perspectives before assessing, reviewing and generating all possible solutions.It is about preventing our minds from sliding into natural free fall. It is counter intuitive and, as such, can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. It may feel like hard work and it is much slower paced - but it works.

Most people cannot lift a car on their own, but with a car jack as a supporting structure, many more can - to realise your creative potential you just need the right tools to do the job. The Creative Toning® tools are the structure you need to be able to be more creative.

We run workshops to train you and your teams in how to adopt this new way of thinking, either as one day workshops or lunchtime learning sessions.

Or get to grips with this technique yourself and take a look at our book “Innovation - no genius required” – just click on the image below.


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