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No brand exists in isolation. It is owned by a business, managed by its people and offered to a market to be chosen by its customers and consumers. The Tri-Mid® is a model that covers all the critical areas of any business. It has three faces – one for the business, one for the market and one for the brand. To manage a brand successfully, all three faces of the Tri-Mid® must be brought into balance. The Tri-Mid® allows you to adopt a total business approach to branding and marketing. When used as a checklist it will ensure that all audiences are considered when developing any brand activity. When used as a strategic tool it will bring new perspectives and interpretations to your existing thinking.

The Tri-Mid® offers you a new way to approach branding and marketing. To break things down into smaller units, decentralised and modular in design, is the first step to being able to simplify the complex. But you have to start with a single purpose, de-construct and re-construct. The insightful and creative part largely consists of re-arranging what you probably already know, in order to find out what you don't know. It will help you look afresh at what you normally take for granted.

With increasing presssures on time and resources, an element of reductionism is required - but not to the detriment of thoroughness. The Tri-Mid® offers you a robust structure which enables you to identify what really matters. It forces you to focus on whats most important to you. A completed Tri-Mid® acts as a visual summary of the here and now. It clearly defines your current position and allows you to share this across the whole business.





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