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Tri-Mid® Live is about applying the Tri-Mid® process on real live business issues. We use a vairety of exercises to complete each face, and adopt the working principle "law of sacrifice". By that we work hard to truly dig deep and get to what really matters. It is a process which can include personel from all areas of the business and will deliver you a robust, well thought through Tri-Mid®, a brand positioning statement and a defined "look and feel" and tone of voice for your brand.  Executing this strategic process ensures that every manifestation of the brand is aligned, working hard, but most importantly, telling the right brand story, in the right way to the right people.

We can help you get to know your brand better and get to what really matters.

And the manual is here -  after years of pestering from former delegates and clients alike, "Tri-Mid® Brands : the essential guide to effective branding" is now available as an ebook, soft copy or hard copy.Click the link here to order your copy.


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